Self-Guided Tour

Take a relaxing self-guided tour surrounded by nature and set your own comfortable pace to enjoy the scenic views and points of interest located around Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa.

  • Embark on the Heritage Tour that includes Mural Walls, the Merlion and Fort Siloso for a slice of Singapore history and lessons from our past.

  • Set off on the Explorers Tour by hiking your way through the Imbiah Nature Trail and the Coastal Trail before digging in to a satisfying dinner at Good Old Days.

  • The Nature Tour is the perfect way to relieve stress. Go for a casual stroll through Henderson Waves, enjoy the lush greenery of Mount Faber Peak and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze at the Southernmost point of Asia.

1. Faber Point

2. Mural Walls

3. Mini Merlion

4. Bell of Happiness

5. Lunch At Arbora

6. Singapore Cable Car

7. Fort Siloso

1. Henderson Waves

2. Faber Point

3. Lunch at Arbora

4. Singapore Cable Car - Mount Faber Line

5. Southern Point of Asia

1. Imbiah Nature Trail

2. Imbiah Battery

3. Coastal Trail

4. Singapore Cable Car - Sentosa Line

5. Good Old Days for Lunch/ Dinner