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We are committed to working towards a sustainable commercial growth while being respectful and protective of the natural world.

As one of the leading operators for a suite of leisure and lifestyle offerings, we embarked on achievable sustainability initiatives – decarbonising through energy conservation, ensuring guest satisfaction, well-being and safety, and involving with community-based initiatives.

We are one of the 17 founding members of Singapore’s first carbon neutrality-driven business alliance, the Sentosa Carbon Neutral Network (SCNN), established by Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) in September 2021. The SCNN is a collective public-private effort to achieve Sentosa’s sustainability goals, including carbon neutrality by 2030.

Expanding Clean Energy Sources

As part of the Sustainable Sentosa strategic roadmap, solar panels were installed on the three Sentosa Line cable car station rooftops to harness solar energy. SDC launched this roadmap to build a carbon-neutral destination by 2030 and a globally recognised, certified sustainable tourism destination.

Food Resilience

Arbora @ Mount Faber Peak sources 15% of its food produce from local farmers in two food categories, providing guests with a farm-to-table experience. The Singapore Food Agency recognises MFLG’s efforts under the Farm-to-Table Recognition Programme. In addition, a vertical garden has been installed at Arbora @ Mount Faber Peak to produce fresh herbs and greens used in some menu items. The garden is also a learning space for our employees and guests to learn about sustainable farming practices.

Eliminating Single-Use Plastic

In our F&B offerings, single-use plastic straws have been eliminated and all single-used plastic bottled water replaced with aluminium packaging or reusable ware. At our retail outlets, single-use plastic bottled beverages and shopping bags have been discontinued, and guests are encouraged to bring their own bags.

We are committed to engaging with and giving back to communities.

Showing Appreciation to Seniors

In conjunction with the Singapore Cable Car’s golden jubilee, we gave back to the community by providing complimentary rides for Singaporean seniors every Tuesday through February and March 2024. About 20,000 seniors and caregivers created memorable experiences with their loved ones on the Mount Faber Line.

Engaging Local Communities

As part of the Radin Mas Constituency community, our staff worked closely with the constituency to engage the local community through volunteer programmes, such as refreshing homes with fresh coats of paint.

We also partnered with other organisations to host various beneficiaries on the Singapore Cable Car, such as:

Guest and Employee Safety

We are a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Cable Car Benchmarking Alliance. In 2023, MFLG signed the updated Charter Agreement with 10 other cable car operators, continuing a collaboration first established in 2015. The alliance aims to foster deeper collaboration among industry partners and provide a platform for information exchange in the cable car industry. The charter signing highlights our commitment to working closely with industry stakeholders to ensure continual improvement and innovation of our cable car systems.

Our commitment to the safety and well-being of guests and staff is paramount. This is supported by our internal Workplace Safety and Health committee, which ensures stringent operational safety processes are in place and regularly reviewed. Regular risk assessments and audits are conducted for workplace activities and processes, and our premises are bizSAFE certified.

Staff Well-Being and Ethical Workplace Environment

Our commitment to staff well-being and creating a supporting work environment was acknowledged by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) at May Day Awards 2024. MFLG received the Plaque of Commendation for our dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and upskilling employees.

To support our staff, we organised fitness sessions and wellness bazaars, providing opportunities for staff to rejuvenate and prioritise their health. Additionally, continuous learning initiatives equip employees with future-ready skills.

In fostering an ethical and inclusive workplace environment, MFLG has been awarded the SG Enabling Mark (Silver) by SG Enable,  a national-level accreditation recognising organisations for exemplary practices in disability-inclusive employment. The achievement is a testament to our commitment to building an inclusive workforce.